Human Traces M for Violence, offensive language and drug use

Human Traces
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Kiwi filmmaker Nic Gorman's feature debut is a thriller set against the rugged backdrop of the Canterbury and Otago coasts. "The drama takes place 750 kms south of New Zealand, where husband-and-wife scientist team Sarah (Sophie Henderson) and Glenn (Mark Mitchinson) have been posted to monitor the ecosystem of a remote island. When a mysterious stranger named Pete (Vinnie Bennett) arrives, paranoia and deception begin to disrupt the order. Splitting his film into three chapters, each told from a different character’s perspective, Gorman delights in disorienting his audience. Each new act is designed to reassemble the last: no sooner have you sided with one character than you find your allegiance complicated by the next point of view." (New Zealand International Film Festival).

DetailsDrama , Suspense/Thriller
1 hr. 27 min.
Opened December 14th, 2017
CastSophie Henderson, Mark Mitchinson, Vinnie Bennett, Sara Wiseman, Milo CawthorneDirectorNic GormanWriterNic Gorman

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